Bob & Mary Dubois

Hello, we are Bob and Mary Dubois from Golden, Colorado. Before Team National we were multiple business owners. We owned a Tree Care Company and three franchises in the Business Advertising Industry. I ran the companies, while Mary was a stay-at-home mom, raising our three sons. We did not want anyone else to raise our children.

When I looked at Team National, I realized that even though my businesses were successful, I would not be able to provide the lifestyle for my family that we desired. In building our businesses, I sacrificed important family events. I was unwilling to continue sacrificing my family and dealing with the everyday conventional business headaches in order to increase our income. I saw Team National as the future for our family and our future generations. We had also just purchased a new large beautiful home. In the beginning, we saw this as a way to earn an additional monthly income to help with our new house payment; it has become much more than that! Read More

This business has proven to exceed all of our expectations! It has improved several different areas in our lives. First, the savings alone has allowed us to save incredible amounts of money on items such as a new Cadillac CTS, a new Cadillac Escalade, and furnishing a living room and a master bedroom full of new furniture through Factory Direct.

The Business Exchange brought in revenue to our businesses. We have also changed our business network to do business with as many other Team National Business Exchange partners as possible. It made sense to do business with other businesses that are in the same network.

The income is providing a lot for our family and friends. Our son, Andy, is a Presidential Director in the business. His income through Team National helped him pay his way through college. The same is true for our middle son, Casey, who is also a Presidential Director. Robbie, our youngest, is anxiously waiting to launch his Team National business. The extra income also helped my parents, Dick and Gail Dubois. Our income with Team National has well surpassed what we made in our conventional businesses. We have been fortunate enough to sell our conventional businesses and now Bob is a "stay-at-home" dad and grandpa ("Pa") to our two beautiful granddaughters. We are living a lifestyle today we only dreamed about before!

We believe our journey so far is only possible with our continual personal development. Now we understood the importance of reading and listening to leadership or inspirational books and CDs. It has helped us become better spouses, parents, friends, employers and Team National partners! The main blessing we have received, is simply "paying all of this forward" and watching our friends and families change their lives.

Bob & Mary Dubois, Double Platinums

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